Within a Region for amplified hackbrett and 2 pianos


"Within a Region" for amplified hackbrett, two pianos and electronics

Eine spannende Komposition von William Dougherty
Composer: William Dougherty (*1988)

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Within a Region is a work centered on the harmonic region of a minor third (between B and D). The entirety of the pitch material is derived from a slow oscillation between the spectra of B, C, C#, D, and the microtonal regions between them. This limited harmonic palette is juxtaposed with highly disparate gestural material which first grows out of a single 7th natural harmonic on a C string at the onset of the work. Due to the special tuning (one piano is tuned down a quarter-tone and the hammered dulcimer is tuned down an eighth-tone), notated unisons sound as a blurred pitch region. Various written-out rhythmic devices such as the layering of multiple simultaneous tempi, accelerandi, and ritardandi serve to create a continuous undulation of the perceived tempo.

Franziska Fleischanderl, hammered dulcimer;
Faristamo Susi and Judith Wegmann, pianos


Hackbrett: Franziska Fleischanderl
Piano 1: Faristamo Susi
Piano 2: Judith Wegmann